Aquarius Pisces Cusp Hot Hook Ups
The week of February 16 - 22

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Cancer I


Ups -> Strong, Clear

Downs -> Clueless, Shameful


She will make Cancer I girl's heart palpitate with pleasure! This would be the ideal girl for her if only she stood in one place for more than 2 weeks. Almost everyone is over their heads when it comes to the ‘female Columbus’. If Cancer I girl wants romance, adventure and someone to back all her fantasies up, she will find it in her Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl. But if Cancer I girl wants things to work out in this relationship she will have to let her girl come and go as she pleases.



Leo II


Ups -> Spontaneous, Magnetic

Downs -> Rash, Isolated


How sweet it is to be understood by you. These two girls know where they are coming from. Though normaly Aquarius Pisces girl and Leo II girl are the type to guard themselves from the world, with each other they feel the trust and freedom to be themselves. This feeling of secureness hightens your bond but it also makes you isolate yourself from the rest of the world. You need to keep a balance between your relationship with your lover and your relationships with everyone else out there.



Virgo Libra Cusp


Ups -> Passionate, Different

Downs -> Weird, Abrupt


Though a great combination, these ladies will find themselves having to do a balancing act most of the time. Stability doesn’t come easy to these babes. It’s not that you don’t have your act together but you try to cover so much ground that you lose yourselves. Risk taking and impulsive behaviours are on top of both your thrills list so someone has to step up and put some perspective sometime. Go ahead and book a trip to spend a few months living in the Amazon among the Witoto tribe, but don’t forget to leave the rent and electricity bills paid for.



Scorpio III


Ups -> Creative, Unique

Downs -> Intrusive, Rash


“Flyyyyy, flyyyyy, fly high against the sky, so high I almost touch the sky.” That’s a sample of Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings and it’s a song that just might remind you of your Aquarius Pisces Cusp honey. Your Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl is a dreamer, the type that doesn’t need a pillow because fluffy clouds serve her as cushions enough. You find that endearing. In fact, you love sitting with her for hours and plan that one month trip to Asia you will take when you hit the lotto. You also get joy out of planning how to end world hunger. While it’s great to aim high you are more grounded than Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl and this is the balance that makes this bond work. When you’re down and out and your head is too dug into reality, your Aquarius Pisces girl will make you come up for air and in return, when she’s envisioning a world that runs on love not money you can question her “So would that mean we would have to eliminate the lotto system altogether?” In either case, you compensate each other’s weakenesses and put to good use each other’s strengths.

Sagittarius II


Ups -> Integrity, Insightful

Downs -> Opinionated, Skeptical


Go to Cloud 9, turn a right, travel 1,000 miles north, there you will see some shooting stars- turn left. Keep traveling straight ahead and eventually, you will bump into Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl. Aquarius Pisces Cusp lady is out of this world. She’s not only wonderful but she truly has her heart and mind in another stratosphere. While this woman is lovely and ‘far out’, she does best when she has a grounded and capable lady by her side. This is when Sagittarius II woman comes into the scenario. It’s a bit of a challenge for Aquarius Pisces Cusp woman to remain objective and balanced but Sagittarius II lady brings that vision and sense of equilibrium to their own private galaxy. Aquarius Pisces Cusp honey in return gives Sagittarius II woman plenty of relaxation, peace and mental getaways. For both of these ladies it’s a refreshing and needed stabilizing factor to be with each other. These two will be the rulers of their planet for as long as they want to orbit it together.

Capricorn III


Ups -> Dedicated, Considerate

Downs -> Loner, Negative


Here we have the complex sensitive Aquarius Pisces lady and the roughhousing, endearing Capricorn III girl. They work well because Capricorn III girl will not be afraid to push her Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl into a corner to get down to the heart of the matter. Aquarius Pisces woman tends to push the envelope when it comes to any project and some may think that she is strong and opinionated, the truth is she can be easily hurt (but she still is opinionated). Aquarius Pisces girl needs balance in her life and the only way to get it is by holding onto the few people she has high respect and trust for. One of them being her Capricorn III girl who’s intrigued by her sweetie’s blend of sensitivity and at times- aggressiveness.

Aquarius II


Ups -> Sensitive, Spontaneous

Downs -> Impatient, Over Emotional


Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl could very well be called M & M. She’s got a tough shell on the outside but is sweet and soft on the inside. Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl sometimes can feel a little unsure and in return she can shelter herself too much from the world and those around her. But when she’s with Aquarius II lady that barrier comes down. Aquarius II woman’s free and easy ways will make Aquarius Pisces Cusp feel comfortable and loved. Aquarius Pisces Cusp lady sometimes tends to feel vulnerable but Aquarius II honey will help her break out of the shell and open up to life and its possibilities. On the flip side, Aquarius Pisces Cusp sweetie will make Aquarius II lady feel needed and appreciated. When these two women get together they explore their feelings and help each other conquer their weaknesses.


Virgo III


Ups -> Independent, Imaginative

Downs -> Belligerent, Annoying


These theatrical girls will keep everyone in awe as they have a need to shock those around them, especially those with a conventional outlook. It’s all fun and games but if they are not careful they may feel a lot of animosity coming their way. These girls have to keep things balanced, and try not to overstep their bounderies with friends, family and most especially with each other. However, they are really sweet and loving with those they hold dear and have no problems finding friends who’ll accept them just as they are.

Cancer Leo Cusp


Ups -> Accomplished, Informative

Downs -> Opinionated, Spiteful


Teach me how to please you baby! These two girls will help each other learn more about themselves, especially when it comes to learning how to be flexible. Also, you may learn how to curb the habit of being judgmental. These girls want to learn a little bit of everything. More than that they really do want to learn and grow in their relationship. Aquarius Pisces will help her Cancer Leo girl open up and feel comfortable doing so. Because their love runs on a deeper level this relationship is more sensual than lusty.



Libra III


Ups -> Appreciative, Insightful

Downs -> Irritable, Defeated


Would you like a candle lit dinner or a seance with a side order of fruits and chocolate fondue? There are higher powers at work when it comes to Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl and even she can’t understand them. This girl can develop psychic powers if she really wanted to tune in on them. She’s highly receptive to people’s feelings and tends to go with the flow to make everyone around her at ease. This type of gift comes in handy when dealing with her Libra III girl who needs someone who’s attentive to her feelings. Libra III will feel as if she has found someone who’s caring and real. Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl will make her honey feel relaxed and happy but Aquarius Pisces needs to express her eccentric side. If Libra III accepts her this way then Aquarius Pisces girl will feel joyful and in return she will surely make Libra III feel the love come her way.



Cancer II


Ups -> Grounded, Confident

Downs -> Smothering, Introverted


The plane has landed and are you ever ready to get out and enjoy yourselves! Both of you girls feel like you’ve been on the journey to find love for quite sometime but it’s never really arrived, til now. Both of you seem to want the same things and like going in parallel directions. One of the few red flags in this relationship might be that you’re either all over each other or you shut the door in her face. Can a happy medium be found? It’s all up to you.



Leo I


Ups -> Helpful, Attractive

Downs -> Doubtful, Extreme


Magnetism and charm are yours as a couple. For the most part your friends and the people you meet will be attracted to the two of you for the great energy that you bring to whatever you’re doing. The dangerous potential here is that you become too dependent on each other and lose your individuality. Remember to keep you vs couple balanced. Spend more time with yourself and get to know and love you.



Pisces I


Ups -> Sensual, Frank

Downs -> Unrealistic, Unmotivated


When Aquarius Pisces forgets to take her eyes off from her latest business plan layout, Pisces I girl will make sure she does. Pisces I lady is the devoted, helpful type. In fact, most of the time her motto is “Have it your way.” Of course, Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl needs to learn that the ‘Have it your way’ is a limited time offer and that there is a side order of nasty if she oversteps her boundaries. On another level, Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl will be there to defend and prevent her Pisces I girl from committing overly nice gestures to everyone. Pisces I honey is the type to give it all but then sometimes look back and feels she's been used, but with Aquarius Pisces Cusp woman by her side there will be no lamenting.


Taurus III


Ups -> Sensitive, Idealist

Downs -> Guarded, Indecisive


Aquarius Pisces is a charming woman who can easily make any lady in her path trip head over heels for her and when she’s set on someone or something, there is no one who can resist or deviate her from her course. This is one of the things that Taurus III girl finds fascinating about her sweetie. Being that Taurus III girl can’t even imagine what it’s like to be so determined and focused about anything that is not gratifying to her, she will learn the art of patience under the watchful eye of her Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl. The problem with Taurus III girl is keeping herself interested in the long run but somehow when it comes to her Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl time is senseless. Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl knows how to get her sweet Taurus III girl’s attention and most importantly how to keep it. Both girls are free spirited, friendly and they have a knack for keeping those they love around them happy. Friends and family may want them to commit to one another since they seem to have such great chemistry. But neither one of them will settle down until they are completely sure that this is true love. People who hear them talk about love may come to think that these ladies are more in love with the idea of love than love itself. Nevertheless, Aquarius Pisces Cusp and Taurus III girl feel blessed to have an open relationship where both are free to do what they want. If these ladies should ever decide to take things to another level they won’t be disappointed but why mess up a good thing?


Pisces III


Ups -> Intuitive, Courageous

Downs -> Disorganized, Impatient


Grab your briefcase and get ready for the rat race. Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl is a career oriented sweetie with a need to conquer the universe. Aquarius Pisces lady tends to be a little aggressive and sometimes a bit belligerent too. But don’t be fooled, she’s the type that’s tough on the outside yet soft inside. She just feels a need to protect her feelings. That's why there is not better person to compliment Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl than a Pisces III lady. Pisces III is a philosopher at heart, a woman who loves to gaze at stars, look within, and explore the near and far. Pisces III woman loves to make life pleasant for those around her and she likes to feel needed. This will sit well with Aquarius Pisces Cusp darling who often crashes out of the rat race with a flat tire. These two ladies compliment each other nicely. Aquarius Pisces Cusp honey gives this relationship the punch it needs while Pisces III blankets the blows of life with her mantel of understanding and caring touch.


Pisces Aries Cusp


Ups -> Frank, Stimulating

Downs -> Abrupt, Out of Touch


If you've ever met a girl that can sit, ponder and talk about a piece of artwork for days, that girl might just be a Pisces Aries Cusp girl. She could take a millenium to analyze this piece of art and she might even dizzy you with the possibilities. To Pisces Aries girl, she’s being clear cut and direct with her thoughts when in reality she would even have Einstein scratching his head. Pisces Aries Cusp lady is the type of woman that can be both worshipped yet at the same time misinterpreted. Don’t tell this to Pisces Aries honey but she’s a big time living in a bubble girl. She’s a dreamer and there’s nothing wrong with that. She just simply doesn’t see herself as one. This is a refreshing change of pace for Aquarius Pisces Cusp girl who lives too much in the here and now. Aquarius Pisces, having her feet more settled on the ground, will pull Pisces Aries Cusp girl close to her and closer to reality whereas Pisces Aries Cusp girl will make sure to have Aquarius Pisces hop on her bubble of dreams every so often. These ladies will give each other what on their own they lack.


Adapted from The Secret Language of Relationships. Copyright 1997 by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Published by Penguin Studio.

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