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The week of April 19 - April 24

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Gemini Cancer Cusp


Ups -> Dedicated, Protective

Downs -> Radical, Temperamental


Extreme relationship, that’s the game you girls like to play. Well, that’s fine if this were a sport but it ain’t. You need to take a breather and balance yourselves. If you learn to channel your energies and ways of reacting better then you two can be very successful. You will take good care of each other through thick and thin.




Cancer III


Ups -> Creative, Accountable

Downs -> Suffocating, Procrastination


These are two very creative and strong women. At their best, they make each other shine. At their worse, they can be very domineering, bossy and critical of one another. Obviously, creating some type of balance between the best and worse you have to offer will make the relationship stay afloat. Also, try not to procrastinate on important matters as this will irritate you both and escalate any existing friction. When your lover gets you bent out of shape go seek refuge for a bit with friends or even some alone time. You can’t expect to see each other all the time and not get at each other’s nerves often.

Virgo II


Ups -> Easy Going, Sensual

Downs -> Controlling, Critical


These girls will benefit from this relationship. Both enjoy a quiet and peaceful lifestyle yet they are also attracted to the bizarre and unusual. Most especially when it comes to love making. These girls are open to anything and love to experiment, taking a step further from playfulness to kinky to strange. They have to be careful not to become sex addicts and learn to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. And by this I don’t mean renting a cabin with a jacuzzi. ;)



Virgo Libra Cusp


Ups -> Sexual, Intimate

Downs -> Shallow, Aloof


Fendi, Gucci, Prada ... It’s true these girls love their fashion and then some but there is also a sweet and tender side to them as well. And when these two are together they just can’t keep their hands off each other. These women are very much into their five senses and they will indulge in them completely. So soft fabric is a must! It’s no wonder that people who don’t know them well may think of them as being superficial when that is not the case at all. Both women have a deep emotional bond that goes beyond the materialistic part of their relationship. It’s just that they keep their personal life private.




Scorpio II


Ups -> Inviting, Wise

Downs -> Picky, Governing


These ladies know how to get along. Aries Taurus Cusp and Scorpio II girl tend to shine in any social gathering they’re in. This couple attracts attention in a good way, they’re the first ones to get on the dance floor at some boring wedding party trying to make the best out of their time and convincing others to join in as well. It’s no wonder there’s always a crowd of people swarming around them like bees. They also understand and respect each other so much that if one girl does something to annoy the other, they will hold off until they get home to let their honey know what they did wrong on that particular night. A little shouting and temperament doesn’t scare either one of them into a corner. They believe in telling it like it is and not holding anything back, though sometimes they may sugarcoat things just to soften the blow a bit. These girls place importance on communication because both of them tend to be impulsive and if they don’t keep an eye out for one another things can get a bit out of hand. Not everything is hardball with these ladies though, when they feel amorous towards one another passions can ignite instantly.


Libra Scorpio Cusp


Ups -> Sensual, Self Sufficient

Downs -> Irresponsible, Disorganized


These two ladies might be considered opposites but they also share a lot in common. This combination of opposing energies yet having things in common creates a great attraction between these two. Aries Taurus Cusp lady brings in a good dose of sensuality and attentiveness to the relationship while Libra Scorpio Cusp girl also brings her sensuality and charismatic ways to the table. You will have a lot of ups and downs in this union. Some might even view you girls as unbalanced but somehow things always work out. To help keep bad friction to a low point try to find distractions outside of the relationship.



Aquarius I


Ups -> Exciting, Social

Downs -> Difficult, Fixated


Who’s that stumbling across the room in the dark? Why it’s Aries Taurus girl after a long night of partying. And you would think she’d be too tired to even think about making love to her Aquarius I girl but that is exactly what she will do. Pleasure is her middle name and Aquarius I girl is not arguing this fact, she’s way too busy receiving playful nibbles on her inner thighs. Aries Taurus woman works hard but has plenty of energy to play hard as well, pleasing her loving Aquarius I girl in every way.




Taurus Gemini Cusp


Ups -> Assertive, Enthusiastic

Downs -> Quarrelsome, Inconsiderate


Taurus Gemini Cusp lady is an active, non stop woman. She's very sociable and caring. In fact, she has the tendency to run herself thin thanks to all the people and things she likes to work with. She's got a strong character and can shoot in any direction when in a heated moment. Aries Taurus Cusp woman is one of the ladies that can keep Taurus Gemini Cusp in check. Aries Taurus babe also has a strong personality and won't let Taurus Gemini woman get away with murder. Accountability will be part of this relationship. Neither one of these women will let the other one off the hook very easily. But since both these ladies are powerhouses they will both learn (the hard way) that sometimes you have to give in a little. This is a lesson that they don't tend to learn with other partners because they usually have the upper hand. In a nutshell, both these women have mighty bearing on others but once you lock them up together in a relationship they shape each other up and even learn to be a little lenient.




Capricorn III


Ups -> Strong, Giving

Downs -> Controlling, Uncertain


“Freedom is a possession of inestimable value.” Maybe when Cicero said this sometime in the early B.C. he had an Aries Taurus Cusp woman in mind. An Aries Taurus Cusp lady loves nothing more than her freedom so if you want to be happy with her you will have to give her room to roam. Aries Taurus Cusp women are also very determined and aspiring. Capricorn III lady, be warned... your Aries Taurus girl will not be the one to pass you the bucket of chicken as you lounge of your LazyGirl chair. If anything, she’d rather go buy the chicken, make it and get cackling with friends who are up to some more vigorous activity. These two ladies match up well because they both need their space yet when they’re both in synch they can conquer anything they set their sights on. Beware of getting too bossy with your lady and remember to always be sensitive towards each other.



Aquarius III


Ups -> Powerful, Tasteful

Downs -> Inflexible, Materialistic


When Sade sang Smooth Operator she was probably serenading her song to an Aries Taurus Cusp lady. Aries Taurus knows when to bring on the heat and when to cool it off. She’s slick and diplomatic and gets her way most of the time. Aries Taurus woman is a confident lady who wastes little time trying to prove her worth to others. She wouldn’t need to do many summersaults and flips to gain Aquarius III sweetie’s love and approval anyhow. Aries Taurus babe is very sure of herself but the love and confidence that Aquarius III honey injects her, makes her all the more powerful. In return, Aries Taurus Cusp lady will give Aquarius III girl the challenges she craves and she'll do this all with an air of order, dedication and stability. If these two ladies respect each other’s spaces they can reach a balance of long lasting love and happiness.



Leo II


Ups -> Exciting, Caring

Downs -> Difficult, Self Indulgent


These girls work well in love and other matters. They are both commited to making the relationship work, so much so that they might not even notice when it’s time to let it go and move on to something else. There’s a big amount of stability in this coupling and family and friends are a priority for both of you. Remember to step back and look at your problems in a fair manner and know when to let go of unimportant battles.




Adapted from The Secret Language of Relationships. Copyright 1997 by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Published by Penguin Studio.

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