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The week of June 19 - 24

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Aries II


Ups -> Relaxed, Unpretentious

Down -> Disagreements, Painful


Kick back, relax and yeah mon, you’re jammin. You girls are easy going and your laid back nature is contagious. Gemini Cancer girl is a little less social than Aries III so if she’s not careful she might be spending some nights home alone. But you girls can sit down and reach common grounds while you do your favorite thing- chill.


Aries III


Ups -> Seductive, Loving

Down -> Possessive, Radical


It doesn’t take rose petals and champagne to seduce you girls. You both have an inner vixen within you. You girls click well only Aries III might get a little spooked with the intensity of the relationship at times and fire back by being a bit radical. For this relationship to last longer you must build up the trust and open yourself up to a bigger circle of friends. The world is composed of not only you and your lover.


Taurus I


Ups -> Adventurous, Defender

Downs -> Controlling, Contrary


You girls normally lead a tranquil, passive life but somehow when you get together you bring out the G. I. Jane in each other- doing things you normally wouldn’t do on your own. You rely a lot on your gut feelings when you’re trying to figure out problems with your girlfriend. How about just being more straightforward? Save your energies for something funner.





Ups -> Dedicated, Romantic

Downs -> Bored, Unbalanced


This relationship will rock your socks off- romantically and otherwise. You two girls will use this relationship to fantasize and make dreams come true. If there’s a goddess you want to worship, it’s your lover. Your sexual appetite for one another should be pretty amazing. But try to keep a balance with other aspects in your relationship so that you don’t get bored and fatigued.

Libra III


Ups -> In tune, Loving

Down -> Passive, Indecisive


These two women instinctively understand one another and know what the other is thinking. You two don’t need to be tied at the hips to be in tune and in love. You girls might have some problems deciding who will take charge when difficulties arise. Another problem you might have is putting your foot down when you don’t agree with your partner. Don’t be afraid. Say what’s on your mind nicely.

Scorpio I


Ups -> Free, Cerebral

Down -> Nonrealistic, Foolish


You share many interests in common, especially philosophically. You two girls are very cerebral. You enjoy each other’s company yet you don’t always feel the need to be talking and entertaining each other. You both enjoy being in this relationship yet don’t feel the need to go through any types of social ceremonies that show your commitment.

Scorpio III


Ups -> Magnetic, Loving

Downs -> Dependent, Overbearing


You girls can’t spend enough time together. You’re so into each other that you’re always hoping for more. But the obvious danger to all this togetherness is that you may lose yourself a bit (and resent your girl for it as well). So it would be wise to spend a little more time with friends and family even though your heart and body might be making you itch for your lover.


Sagittarius III


Ups-> Energetic, Defender

Downs -> Problematic, Scarred


You are so ready to make this work. You’re both full of energy and excitement to be with each other. You girls will also be very protective of one another- so all other girls, beware. Just make sure to stay grounded and not be fooled by the dreaminess of the relationship. You both have issues and you need to deal with them on your own and together.


Aquarius II


Ups -> Enjoyable, Kicked Back

Downs -> Lazy, Procrastination


You girls have a quality relationship that doesn’t require too much effort. But you take things so easily that this might bring on negatives such as laziness and procrastination. So remember that it’s nice to take things easy but don’t sit around and let your backside get too big.

Aquarius III


Ups -> Loving, Solid

Downs -> Critical, Cynical


You girls unite against the world. But don’t forget that even if you’re a super team you can’t go at it all by yourselves. The world is not all against you and you need other people to nourish your relationship too. Don’t be so critical of others and remember to look in the mirror and find your faults before you shred other people and couples.


Pisces III


Ups -> Organized, Economical

Downs -> Nosey, Overbearing


Yet again, here’s a couple of women that enjoy themselves a bit too much. You need to take off the handcuffs from your girl and let each other explore, talk and roam around. You’re so into each other that you shouldn't worry about your baby straying away too far. Don’t let jealousy ruin what is a pretty good lovin.


Aries -Taurus Cusp


Ups -> Dedicated, Protective

Downs -> Radical, Temperamental


Extreme relationship, that’s the game you girls like to play. Well, that’s fine if this were a sport but it ain’t. You need to take a breather and balance yourselves. If you learn to channel your energies and ways of reacting better then you two can be very successful. You will take good care of each other through thick and thin.


Gemini II


Ups -> Understanding, United

Downs -> Suffocating, Over Inquisitive


Who are we? Why are we here? Who cares?! Actually, you two girls do. One of your common passions will be the exploration of your selfs. You’ll both explore different aspects about life, living, souls. The longer you stay together, the more in tune with your self, the relationship and your surrounding you’ll be. Hey, you might even learn more about the sexual beast(s) in you.

Gemini Cancer Cusp


Ups -> Tranquil, Supportive

Downs -> Overbearing, Weak

It takes one to know one. Being from the same sign you enjoy being similar and with that similarity comes peace and tranquility. Since you understand each other well you give each other plenty of love and support. If there are other women or other people in general that want to rock this boat they’re going to need a Titanic because this relationship is pretty solid and both of you seem to be dedicated for the long run.

Cancer I


Ups -> Devoted, Caring

Downs -> Moody, Difficult


You have to pluck out some weeds so that this relationship can run smoothly but you’ve got the patience to fix this garden. Since you have some plucking to do, this relationship will work best if you stick around long enough to see the fruits of your labor. You need to be upfront about your thoughts and problems. Any secrets between the two of you could lead to serious disaster. Make sure you keep calm and not totally blame your woman for all your troubles.

Virgo III


Ups -> Sensual, Loving

Downs -> Misunderstood, Distant


Don’t bring me down. You girls don’t like problems in or out of the relationship so you usually try your best to keep things light. You’re both into physical pleasure so make sure to take trips often to your favorite spa or that getaway cabin with the hot tubs. You respect each other and are eager to help one another. Don’t forget be open with all your feelings. Your lover is not a mind reader.

Scorpio II


Ups -> Dedicated, Detailed

Downs -> Demanding, Militant


Yes commander! These two girls like order and structure. Anything out of category is not well accepted plus any sign of disarrangement brings problems to this relationship. It would do both of you well to ease up on the G. I. Jane attitude. A softer hand feels way nicer in and out of the bedroom. Maybe if you’re less demanding, you’ll discover new sides to yourself and your girl.

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp


Ups -> Bonding, Close

Downs -> Different, Belligerent


There’s an interesting tug of war that pulls and tugs you both. You’re very different but somehow that’s what keeps you together. In some ways you take your differences and melt together. With this comes a danger of losing your individuality. That’s why it would be good for you girls to sometimes just accept your differences. Not always do you have to agree and not always does the result need to be a perfect balance between your two opposing views.

Aquarius I


Ups -> Comfortable, Understanding

Downs -> Egotistical, Show Off


These two women feel very comfortable with each other and their relationship and they want the world to know it. You’re both a bit showy so be careful not to cast a big shadow on your lady. Also, leave your egos at the door. For this relationship to work you have to stop thinking about you, you, you. From now on it’s all about “you and her.”

Pisces I


Ups -> Loving, Understanding

Downs -> Concealed, Protected


Shhhhhhh! What’s that you’re keeping> A secret of course! You girls have the ability to keep many things hush hush. But while it might not be wise to say everything that’s on your mind, keeping all that stuff locked up isn’t good for you or your relationship. When/if you finally decide to be more open, don’t close yourself by thinking that the more you share the more you lose yourself. At times, you girls will need to learn the art of opening and closing your hearts and minds.

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