Leo Virgo Cusp Hot Hook Ups
The week of August 19- 25

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Pisces Aries Cusp


Ups -> Witty, Pleasure Seeker

Downs -> Loner, Egocentric


Who’s zooming who? Leo Virgo girl will be the one to call the shots here and get her way with her Pisces Aries girl. She will keep things interesting with her secrets and flirty ways. And since her Pisces Aries girl is a big dreamer they will keep things tantalizing for a while. But these two have really bad tempers and the jealousy will be the factor in breaking them up.


Taurus I


Ups ->Curious, Jovial

Downs -> Intrusive, Smug


Curiosity killed the cat but Leo Virgo Cusp and Taurus I girls just can’t hold back. These two women love to know the ins and outs of everything. This inquisitive nature is something that will create a strong bond between these two. The irony of these curious babes is that they want to know it all but they don’t want to tell it all. They will hide information about themselves to each other and everyone else. This might build up excitement between these two women but it could also end up breaking the relationship if they aren’t careful. So play hide and go seek but also seek to be more open with your woman if you want this partnership to succeed.

Taurus Gemini Cusp


Ups -> Eccentric, Interesting

Downs -> Isolated, Weird

“Don't worry if people call you ordinary, only if you are ordinary” is your motto. You girls relish being different and living through what others might find to be an unexplainable lifestyle. People have a hard time pinpointing your relationship, your path, your ways of thinking... and you girls couldn’t be prouder of it. To say the least, these two women have a great mental and physical chemistry. In fact, forget the lab coat and dress yourselves in orange robes. You girls feel like you’ve been together before. Your lives come together as if you’re experiencing a relationship deja vu. But don’t get caught up in thoughts of the past and think that your bond can survive just because ‘it was meant to be’. You need to work hard and realistically for this connection to maintain itself afloat.

Gemini II


Ups -> Respectful, Persuasive

Downs -> Nosy, Pushy

A woman who develops herself is born twice. These two women are all about self and themselves. You can both be complex but like a good wine, enjoyable. You find great pleasure in getting to know each other and what makes each of you tick. Since you spend so much time analyzing each other you can be sure that you will have a good understanding of what your woman wants and needs... and this makes your relationship so much stronger. The only downfall is that you study each other so well and you spend so much time figuring one another that you lose some of the sparks of spontaneity. Remember to keep it fresh and leave big time planning for others things like office chores or parties.

Gemini III


Ups -> Creative, Exploring

Downs -> Isolated, Aloof


Imagination gallops, judment merely walks. You girls enjoy exploring all things possible and some even that are a bit out of reach. All this dreaminess keeps you swimming in the delights of what could be. You get lost in your world and you don’t want anyone to snatch you out of it. While this sounds, and is, great you have to be certain to stay in touch with the outside world. Your microcosmo can only exist if you balance it out with the planets outside your universe.

Leo I


Ups -> Playful, Pleasure Seeker

Downs -> Humorless, High Strung


You girls love to seek experiences that bring pleasure. So that’s a great start. But what about when things need to get attended to? Not all in life is a bowl of cherries with whip cream, fudge and a pair of handcuffs. You need to play adults from time to time and face non pleasurable things like problems, paying the bills on time and dealing with people that are a pain. If you keep things in check you can be happy together.

Libra I


Ups -> Sensual, Playful

Downs -> Resentful, Jealous


Truth is stranger than fiction and that’s why you two girls would rather live in the comforts of your fantasy. You can’t help but live in a bubble and since your girl is another Fantasia you can bask in your imaginations and dreams most of the time. The obvious issue here is that neither girl is fond of reality and someone needs to poke the bubble until it pops. Remember to take turns dealing with the facts and problems of life. Overwhelming your partner to take charge of everything could cause a big burden and resentment on the relationship.

Libra II


Ups -> Curious, Involved

Downs -> Insistent, Manipulative


Your needs and preferences may be satisfied in this relationship if you are willing to be an open book. Libra II girl is dying to quench every want and demand of her Leo Virgo Cusp babe but to do so Leo Virgo Cusp is going to have to let it all out and that might cause privacy problems. Eventually, if Leo Virgo Cusp doesn’t mind airing all her dirty laundry she might grow to like all the attention and yearning that come from her Libra II girl. A bit of moderation on Libra II’s behalf would be a plus. Remember, where there are moderation and patience there is wisdom and wisdom is power.

Libra Scorpio Cusp


Ups -> Enthusiastic, Sociable

Downs -> Liar, Stressed


Cold tea and cold rice are bearable, but cold looks and cold words are not. Both of these girls take care of their appearance as they mind very much what others think of them and more so what they think of each other. Lust and passion range high in this combo as both women put bountiful amount of attention in every detail of their loving as well. Choice words for these ladies: don’t forget the beauty within, be less critical of yourself and others and learn to let loose a bit more. If you can mellow out about how you look and what others will say you will actually enjoy yourselves so much more.

Sagittarius II


Ups -> Adventurous, Happy

Downs -> Aloof, Swerving


Adventure is on your plate. You girls love to be on the go to discover and do a world of different things. You both have a way of making anything fun and interesting. You're good at communicating and solving your problems. You girls won't hold back telling each other how you feel. That's good, but make sure to do it the most diplomatic way possible.

Aquarius II


Ups -> Fair, Magnetic

Downs -> Uncertain, Stuffy


Some might call you the odd the couple but you hardly agree. Your relationship might not be the regular cup of tea but you definitely understand and click with each other nicely. You two girls are greatly devoted to each other through thick and thin. Leo Virgo girl might find herself guarding her Aquarius II girl’s flirtatious ways but it’s all done within a healthy balance.

Cancer II


Ups -> Balanced, Appealing

Downs -> Controlling, Whiny


There’s nothing nicer than knowing that when the poop hits the fan you always have your baby ready to support you. You both will depend greatly on each other for balance and encouragement. Of course, that’s wonderful and that’s part of being in a great relationship but you need to remember not to overwhelm your lover. Seek some refuge and support in friends, family or if need be... a counselor. If not, you run the risk of suffocating your girl with more than she can handle.

Libra III


Ups -> Trustworthy, Composed

Downs -> Temporary, Weak


Easy going understanding is the order of the day in this relationship. These two women will learn a lot about themselves and the world around them while they are together. This bond might even be called a healing one as it would almost seem that these ladies cure and positively reinforce themselves by helping one another. Perhaps a broken relationship or affair is what has brought these two women together but as they restore their faith in love and humans they will find that they can’t do without one another anymore.


Sagittarius I


Ups -> Passionate, Devoted

Downs -> Entangled, Complex


You girls are passionate about life and each other but sometime so much 'fire' might burn your house down. You need to learn how to cool your engines off. You can work at making your relationship last long term but remember to wear silk gloves when dealing with problems. Learn to trust yourselves and your partner more so that you stress less.

Aquarius III


Ups -> Understanding, Vibrant

Downs -> Cocky, Belligerent


Energy creates energy so the union of these two girls creates a powerhouse. You two share a great respect and love for one another. You also share many interests in common. Sympathy reigns high in this relationship so even when one of the partners falters their better half will usually come around to understand the situation and forgive. The only thing to beware is that both of you tend to be very competitive and you can forget that in a relationship the winner is you as a team, not you as an individual.

Pisces II


Ups -> Inventive, Creative

Downs -> Hesitant, Gloomy


Give me liberty or give me death. Well, we need not be so drastic. It’s not that you girls want to be alone but there is a need for these two to keep a certain amount of freedom if they are to feel happy in a relationship. You girls can be highly creative and energetic when you work together. Beware of leaving things to get solved by themselves. You need to be more aggressive solving problems together. Talking things out doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you’ll end up arguing. If you can reach this understanding the relationship has great potential to be a lasting one.

Adapted from The Secret Language of Relationships. Copyright 1997 by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Published by Penguin Studio.

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