Pisces Aries Cusp Hot Hook Ups
The week of March 19 - March 24

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Cancer Leo Cusp


Ups -> Expressive, Affectionate

Downs -> Possessive, Incapable


Pisces Aries girl will charm the pants out of her Cancer Leo babe with her romantic side but after the lovin’ is gone and Pisces Aries girl begins to try and control her honey, things will take a nose dive. Cancer Leo girl is going to get bored and irritated at her sweetie’s demands on her. If they don’t watch out they will eventually lose sight of what it was they loved about each other outside of the bedroom. Cancer Leo girl is way too sensitive and tends to hide her feelings which only makes things worse. Both are stubborn as hell and it will take a lot of understanding and patience on both girls to make it work. On the other hand they will care for one another even if and when the relationship is over.



Leo Virgo Cusp


Ups -> Witty, Pleasure Seeker

Downs -> Loner, Egocentric


Who’s zooming who? Leo Virgo girl will be the one to call the shots here and get her way with her Pisces Aries girl. She will keep things interesting with her secrets and flirty ways. And since her Pisces Aries girl is a big dreamer they will keep things tantalizing for a while. But these two have really bad tempers and the jealousy will be the factor in breaking them up.



Virgo Libra Cusp


Ups -> Harmonious, Complete

Downs -> Critical, Belligerent


This combination normally starts off really well with Pieces Aries girl dazzling and impressing her sweetie with her a playful charm that she’s gotten down to a science. And then we have the smooth talking, sexy Virgo Libra girl on the other side. So it’s no surprise that sparks will ignite this love affair. The down fall with these girls will be trying to keep those fire burning. This may make them a bit touchy and sensitive when there is really no reason to worry. Your girl and you make a wonderful match so don’t ruin it with senseless argument and jealousy. Over look your partners faults and remember that she is just as human as you are and makes mistakes.


Scorpio III


Ups -> Gratifying, Dedicated

Downs -> Tired, Detached


These women understand that just because they disagree on some things it doesn’t mean it’s the end of their relationship as they know it. They don’t overreact and put everything on hold in order to search for a relationship counselor. In this relationship compromise is key for both of them. Scorpio III girl likes to feel as if she’s in control of things but the fact is that Pisces Aries Cusp girl has such a charming and seducing effect on her Scorpio III girl that one begins to think that she’s been hypnotized somehow by her Pisces Aries Cusp girl. Scorpio III girl seems to give in to her honey’s whims (not all, but most).There are a lot of tender moments between these two ladies. What’s particularly endearing about them is that they tend to choose their words carefully when they need it the most.They also have each other’s numbers when it comes to persuading one another like when is the best time to take a nice skiing vacation in Colorado or whether they should maybe take a relaxing holiday in some exotic place. They really dislike hurting each other in a spiteful way and they will deter from doing so every chance they get. Sweetness and consideration defines the relationship between these two ladies.


Aquarius II


Ups -> Enthusiastic, Calm

Downs -> Clueless, Indecisive


Miss Misunderstood (Pisces Aries Cusp girl) meets Easy Like Sunday Morning (a.k.a. Aquarius II). Pisces Aries Cusp woman is spontaneous. She wears her heart on her sleeve and she says what she thinks (sometimes without thinking much before speaking). Many times Pisces Aries Cusp lady will get into hot waters with people but hardly ever with her Aquarius II honey. Aquarius II girl tends to have a free spirit way of life and she doesn’t take offense very easily. She’s also very well liked among her friends and tries her hardest to always please them. At times Pisces Aries Cusp girl might step in though. She likes the fact that Aquarius II is loved by all, but won’t let her baby get taken advantage of by her buddies. These ladies complement each other and will help each other heal and build up on their deficiencies.

Pisces III


Ups -> Faithful, Passionate

Downs -> Impatient, Impulsive


As long as Pisces III girl doesn't go asking Pisces Aries Cusp babe if she looks chubby or not, things should be OK. Pisces Aries is a very straighforward woman who won't take your feelings into consideration til it's a little too late. She answers whatever she's asked in a brutally honest matter. But don't confuse her direct approach to coldness. Pisces Aries Cusp is a very warm and passionate lady who is eager to please her Pisces III girl. In return, Pisces III honey will reciprocate the warmth and devotion she receives and will be the best cheerleader Pisces Aries Cusp woman would ever dream of.

Capricorn II


Ups -> Persuasive, Enthusiastic

Downs -> Overbearing, Voyeuristic


Pisces Aries is the kind of girl who's loves to play pranks on friends and relatives almost as much as she enjoys joking. At times Pisces Aries girls ways may not be clear to some, most especially those who are acquaintances will have a difficult time knowing when she's joking or not. This frustrates Pisces Aries girl who want's to be taken seriously but at the same time doesn't want to compromise who she is. One of Pisces Aries' challenges in life is to find a nice balance where she can show her fun loving side without hindering the deeper, philosophical one. Capricorn II girl will be sympathetic and understanding of her girl's ways. She will advice her on how to change certain aspects of her personality the next time she's comforting a friend or giving someone some good sound advice. In this relationship Capricorn II girl will be a soothing force behind her sweet girl.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp


Ups -> Open, Versatile

Downs -> Unaware, Antisocial


Pisces Aries girl is one of those women that will not let herself be stumped on. She’s fierce and devoted to her causes. She also needs, sometimes, to take life a little lighter. This is why a pairing with a Capricorn Aquarius Cusp girl is divine. A Capriquarian woman is fun and a little wild. She’s a volcano of energy that knows how to shake things up. There’s no doubt that Capricorn Aquarius Cusp lady is going to stir and rattle Pisces Aries Cusp woman. On the flip side, Pisces Aries Cusp sweetie will be happy that her Capriquarian is so playful and entertained that she has no time to analyze or criticize her; something that Pisces Aries Cusp lady truly detests. These two cusp girls bring balance to each other by providing one another the lightheartedness yet caring and responsible nature that they posses and transmit mutually.



Virgo I


Ups -> Free, Worldly

Downs -> Lost, Confused


This relationship can be dreamy yet grounded at the same time. Your balancing act together is splendid. This combo has potential for long term relationship but they will need to be diplomatic as there will be many upsetting moments and they will need their best United Nations charm to get through the muddy discussions. Also, Pisces Aries Cusp girl will need to depend more on herself than on her Virgo I babe so as not to overwhelm this very independent and energetic honey. Tackle problems early on, always put on as nice a face as you can and things should work out fine.



Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp


Ups -> Honest, Fiery

Downs -> Volatile, Misunderstood


Is she an angel or a b*tch? It depends on what day you catch her, but one thing is certain... Pisces Aries Cusp girl has a personality that will not be overshadowed. Pisces Aries Cusp woman shoots a straight arrow and hits the bull's eye without much sugar coating. This no nonsense approach doesn’t go unnoticed by Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp lady who also likes life served straight up. Sagicorn girl will as well be fascinated by her Pisces Aries Cusp honey’s ability to be both sensitive (the Pisces in her) yet scorching hot too (the Aries). Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp woman understands Pisces Aries Cusp girl’s personality and approach to life and she doesn’t criticize her for any of it. This works well with Pisces Aries Cusp sweetie who at times thinks that the world is against her. On the other hand, Pisces Aries Cusp darling will kick up the tenderness and spiciness in the relationship when Sagicorn girl decides to take an emotional vacation. This relationship hits the bulls eye on the red hot center.



Libra II


Ups -> Pleasant, Charming

Downs -> Stuck, Careless


Be it gambling money or going on a peaceful retreat these two ladies do it well. It won’t be strange to see them pick up all their possessions and decide to open up a business! They normally have a way of making their visions come true. Even if they fail in their business ventures, they look at them as learning experiences. Both have great ideas but need to get a grip on reality. Not everything is easily achieved without some consequences. If you want your girl to be your business partner and put her money and career on the line you better make sure it’s a solid one.

Aries II


Ups -> Successful, Strong

Downs -> Overwhelming, Needy


If there’s a goal to be reached, these two ladies will reach it in a heartbeat. These two women have goals and to top it off, they are very competitive. So even when one of them gets sluggish they quickly push themselves forward because they can’t stand losing, not even against their honey. Aries II lady likes to feel needed and is good at taking care of people and things. The Aries part of Pisces Aries Cusp girl also feels the same but the Pisces part of her won’t mind getting pampered and being taken care of by her Aries II sweetie. Aries II has some problems being open and letting others into her world but Pisces Aries Cusp girl won’t have a problem prying into Aries II’s heart and making herself at home there for a long time, if not forever.



Aries I


Ups -> Positive, Charming

Downs -> Aggressive, Frustrated


The investigator in Pisces Aries Cusp girl will jump hurdles trying desperately to find more about what her sweet Aries I girl was up to before she fell head over heels in love with her. It won’t just be enough for her to know that her Aries I girl is completely into her and only her! No, no, no! She needs to get the 411 on her Aries I girl’s last relationship and if possible the one before that one. But all that hard work will be of no use and she will find herself feeling frustrated and even a bit ashamed for doubting her innocent Aries I girl when she comes up empty. Aries I girl is charmingly convincing with everyone. The Pope, Mother Teresa, anyone in law enforcement and yes, even her Pisces Aries cusp girl will have nothing on her. Could this be one of those freak of nature incidents when everything just falls into place for Aries I girl or could it be that she’s too damn clever and smooth for anyone to catch her redhanded? We may never know and deep down inside Pisces Aries cusp girl won’t want to know herself. Why would she? It will only end up making her love her Aries I girl even more. Just enjoy the love you have together and forget the past. She loves you and only you.


Gemini III


Ups -> Adventurer, Energetic

Downs -> Risky, Negative


Pisces Aries Cusp girl is a complex lady. She’s got the dreaminess of Pisces and the straighforward, practical side of the Aries woman all tugging at once. It’s a push and pull life that she leads, one that sometimes she doesn’t even understand. But don’t try to change her because you’ll only end up losing her. Gemini III lady is one that is up to the challenge. She is charming and knows how to subtly get her way, eventually. Gemini III girl lack the hunger of indulging but Pisces Aries girl both will understand yet also at times push for a bit of earthly gratification. This combination works well because both girls have a bit of both worlds in them from passive to aggressive from dreamy to practical so they sympathize with ease to each other’s feelings. If they show respect for one another and give each other space when required, these two ladies can be winners both in the love and business aspects together.


Adapted from The Secret Language of Relationships. Copyright 1997 by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Published by Penguin Studio.

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