Taurus I Hot Hook Ups
The week of April 25 - May 2

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Gemini Cancer Cusp


Ups -> Adventurous, Defender

Downs -> Controlling, Contrary


You girls normally lead a tranquil, passive life but somehow when you get together you bring out the G. I. Jane in each other- doing things you normally wouldn’t do on your own. You rely a lot on your gut feelings when you’re trying to figure out problems with your girlfriend. How about just being more straightforward? Save your energies for something funner.




Cancer III


Ups -> Sympathetic, Creative

Downs -> Regulatory, Defiant


You girls are very creative in all forms... verbally, sexually, mentally. The time spent together is, for the most part, joyous. But although you share a great chemistry at times you might not talk about the issues that matter most. You need to be open and diplomatic in your exchanges but leaving things on the side and hoping they will solve themselves by pure chance is a luck of the draw or in some instances..... like playing Russian Roulette.

Gemini II


Ups -> Adaptable, Poised

Downs -> Disorganized, Resentful


A whole lot of loving is going on here. Gemini II girl is frisky, while Taurus I girl is romantic and sensual. They both love to escape into a world of fantasy. Dreaming up adventures, planning where they’ll retire or sex positions they want to try can be a big part of their day. They just love to talk about every fantasy they have with each other because it’s a way to escape into a world that is perfect for them... where everything tastes better, looks better and feels better. Even when they do come down from their dream world, reality still is beautiful when they face the world together. And that’s a good thing.


Leo Virgo Cusp


Ups -> Curious, Jovial

Downs -> Intrusive, Smug


Curiosity killed the cat but Leo Virgo Cusp and Taurus I girls just can’t hold back. These two women love to know the ins and outs of everything. This inquisitive nature is something that will create a strong bond between these two. The irony of these curious babes is that they want to know it all but they don’t want to tell it all. They will hide information about themselves to each other and everyone else. This might build up excitement between these two women but it could also end up breaking the relationship if they aren’t careful. So play hide and go seek but also seek to be more open with your woman if you want this partnership to succeed.




Scorpio II


Ups -> Realiable, Demanding

Downs -> Belligerent, Impatient


Bonk! What’s that we hear? It’s two stubborn ladies hitting each other’s head against the wall. Taurus I girl is a practical, uncomplicated being. Ideally, she likes things to run easy and smooth. On the other hand, her Scorpio II girl is also easygoing but more in the sense that she thinks she has all the time in the world to get things done (look under ‘major procrastinator’ in your dictionary). Since Taurus I woman doesn’t mind being the boss and taking care of matters, Scorpio II babe won’t complaint at all about having time to kick up her feet and ponder why anyone would own a calendar (“they’re so restrictive”). These two ladies don’t like to stir up trouble and they see eye to eye for the most part. They both love to enjoy the pleasures of a comfy home and most especially... the coziness of their mattress. These ladies love their sex and spend a good deal of time dancing the horizontal flamenco. Ole!


Scorpio I


Ups -> Lively, Communicative

Downs -> Alienated, Bossy


Both of these ladies care about doing good and helping people. It’s something that brings them closer together. They’re most likely the couple in your neighborhood that raise money for a cause they believe in. They also love to have friendly debates that may at times get out of hand. Keep a balance and don’t try to push your ideas on your girl. On the other hand these two share a sexual appetite that can have a tendency to get out of control and show a darker, perverse nature in both women. Everything in moderation is good by all means take your aggression out on each other during sex but don’t get carried away. There is a slim line between pleasure and pain. Remember that crossing that line can be damaging to your relationship. Don’t manipulate and be attentive to your girls needs emotionally as well as sexually and things will work out well.


Capricorn Aquarius Cusp


Ups -> Steady, Caring

Downs -> Rigid, Unforgiving


Normally Taurus I girl would say no to going to the state fair and standing in line for an hour for a quick ride on the latest and biggest roller coaster ever. But being that Capricorn Aquarius Cusp girl is the one begging on the other side and since she won’t let go of Taurus I girl’s leg until she accepts... Taurus I lady is surely to cave in and go for it. It’s not that Taurus I girl isn’t fun, she’s simply more practical. Why would she stand in line for an hour for 5 minutes of gratification? (It's the part of waiting in line for an hour that kills her. Taurians are not known for patience or waiting.) But Capricorn Aquarius’ energy is so contagious that she just can’t help herself but to let go and have fun. On the other hand, Capriquarian girl will learn to tame down and pick her moments. With Taurus I girl around there will be a lot of playing but some work will get done as well. Capricorn Aquarius woman will open up Taurus I girl’s world of possibilities while Taurus I lady will introduce Capricorn Aquarius girl to a world of responsibilities.


Taurus Gemini Cusp


Ups -> Spontaneous, Receptive

Downs -> Complex, Over Emotional


Taurus I is a practical, intense woman. She's one of the most stubborn of the Tauruses but she's also very diplomatic and can easily learn to get along with almost anyone. Taurus I lady looks tough on the outside and she is. But she is also tender, sensitive and vulnereable. If there's a girl that will understand the two sides of Taurus I, it's Taurus Gemini lady. Since she herself has some Taurus qualities she comprehends the rough, obstinate side of her Taurus I girl. Taurus Gemini Cusp woman is no soft cookie herself. She too can come on strong, but nothing strong enough that Taurus I can't handle. Taurus Gemini Cusp is known for trying to do too much at the same time. Taurus I woman will help her organize her time, life and relationships with others more efficiently and fairly. These two ladies will both bring a good amount of caring, stability and organization to make this a partnership that can last in the long term.


Pisces III


Ups -> Affectionate, Dedicated

Downs -> Stuck, Procrastinator


If Pisces III girl wants someone to romance her and gently place her on a pedestal she’ll be one happy bunny with Taurus I lady. Sure, Taurus I can be stubborn as hell and everyone knows she has no clue or understanding of what compromising really means. But when it comes to her lovely guppy, Taurus I will be as flexible as any professional contortionist. Pisces III girl has a way of teaching her Taurus I woman how to be resilient and non judgmental. And Taurus I will lovingly teach her Pisces III girl how to plan, execute and when to be aggressive in order to get what you want out of life. They balance each other off beautifully. Both women are romantic and have mutual interests in all things spiritual. Fun and adventure will keep these two ladies busy and happy as can be. This relationship tends to be very sensual and sweet.



Aquarius III


Ups -> Determined, Worldly

Downs -> Procrastinator, Stubborn


“Shall I have vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream?” asks Aquarius III girl. “Well honey, why don’t you just have a Neapolitan?” answers her Taurus I sweetie. Taurus I woman will be the backbone of this relationship, bringing fortitude and direction to the zig zagging ways of Aquarius III lady. Unlike Aquarius III, Taurus I girl will be less likely to accept things and people just like that. She needs to know why things happen, why people act the way they do. Taurus I girl is not so much judgmental as she is curious. However, sometimes her inquiring ways will get her into deep water and her Aquarius III woman will be the one to steer their ship back into save harbor. If they respect their boundaries, these two girls should sail the love sea without much turbulence.



Aries II


Ups -> Witty, Daring

Downs -> Stagnant, Stubborn


What happens when a stubborn, moody woman pairs up with a self centered, impatient babe? Love, of course! Taurus I and Aries II might have been born weeks apart but their similarities are striking. Both these women own a great deal of magnetism. Having many friends and women trying to whisk them away from each other will be a common thing. These ladies also know a thing or two about being prideful and lacking restraint. That’s why when one of them gets into a dangerous pattern of behavior, the other one will understand not just what’s going on, but will also have a crafty solution to stop the situation from escalating. After all, they both have been there and done that so many times themselves. Their love of curiosity, quick wit and adventure will keep them fascinated with one another. Many ladies may come and go but, when they close their eyes late at night they sleep happy and peacefully knowing they’ve got a good woman by their side.



Sagittarius II


Ups -> Perceptive, Perfectoinist

Downs -> Impulsive, Irresponsible


A rubber band is flexible, a Taurus I woman is not. In reality, Taurus I lady is not that stubborn but she can hold her ground against even the most ferocious Pamplona bull on a good day. But as luck should have it, Sagittarius II woman actually likes the rebellious soul in her Taurus I sweetie. Sag II doesn’t mind a bit of defiance, in fact, she’s not all that much into pushovers so a Taurus I woman is a good fit for her. These ladies mix well because they compliment each other. While Taurus I is known for being a rebel that doesn’t mean she doesn’t get along with others. But when she does stumble across people that rub her the wrong way or things don’t go according to her plans, she has a tendency to get down on herself for long periods of time. This is another aspect in which Sagittarius II woman’s perceptive and capable ways kick in and come to the rescue of her Taurus I lady. These women supplement each other’s needs and wants healthily. If they don’t let stubbornness get the best of them they should be together until Taurus I stops being a rebel (in other words, they’ll be together forever).



Capricorn I


Ups -> Compassionate, Reflective

Downs -> Unfeeling, Deceitful


To have and to hold, in sickness, in health, for better and forever. Taurus I woman is a sensitive lady who is usually very loyal, and true to her lover. She is nurturing, friendly and funny. She’s also a bit exposed to get hurt or taken for a ride. Capricorn I lady senses her Taurus I sweetie’s naiveness and she steps up with a lead foot into any situation and makes sure no one stomps on her baby. Taurus I lady also at times lacks self encouragement and belief in herself. The strong, self made Capricorn I woman is ready to take Taurus I girl to the top of the You Can Do It Mountains. In return, of course, Taurus I lady will shower Capricorn I darling with the tenderness, softness and patience that Capricorn I lady sometimes lacks. In general, ain’t no mountain high enough, nothing can keep these two ladies away from each other.



Aquarius II


Ups -> Protective, Dependable

Downs -> Lazy, Blunt


Mahatma Gandhi once said “ You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” If this quote holds any truth then Taurus I girl must think it’s a perfect world she lives in because she wants to change none of her ways. Taurus I lady is among the most stubborn and hard to convince to change her ideas or plans. Once she sets her eyes on something it’s going to take an Amtrak train (or maybe a whole fleet of them) to derail her. But this is fine with Aquarius II girl who likes to have her own life and doesn’t really want to cross the line and merge with anyone. These two ladies share their love for autonomy. They know that to be a good team you have to be good on your own too. Aquarius II woman has a love for complex individuals and she’ll get just that with Taurus I lady. These women know where they stand and what they want and they will reach their goals on their own and together as well.



Taurus III


Ups -> Intuitive, Enthusiatic

Downs -> Impulsive, Critical


Taurus I woman is all business whereas Taurus III girl couldn’t care less about the rat race. Taurus III lady is more likely to recommend someone for a job or partner up with people she admires rather than take any responsibilities. Nothing brings more satisfaction to a Taurus III girl than working in a project that will bring people closer together and give a sense of unity and peace, rather than doing something she’ll dislike but get paid for it. These two ladies are very different in their ways of going about things and that is why their relationship works wonderfully. Taurus III girl can be deceitful, cunning and will get on the nerves of her Taurus I lady when forced to do something she’s not particularly interested in. This in the long run is a good thing for Taurus I lady. It will help her deal with people in a more delicate, sensitive way. Both Taurus I and Taurus III ladies tend to have an explosive side to them but what triggers their individual flare is completely different. Being more business oriented, Taurus I is happiest when she has full control of her surroundings. She can be a very loving boss when things run smoothly but if not... get ready to hit the pavement, someone’s going to get fired. Meanwhile, Taurus III girl doesn't care as much about being in control. She's happier being part of a team. She is more sentimental and is more likely to blow up at someone who betrays her or pushes her into a corner, forcing her to make a decision. These two women have very fiery, emotional sides to them and that's what glues them together. They have different ways of feeling and dealing with the circumstances they encounter and that's what keeps them interested in each other.


Adapted from The Secret Language of Relationships. Copyright 1997 by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Published by Penguin Studio.

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