Taurus Gemini Cusp Hot Hook Ups
The week of May 19 - May 24

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Gemini III


Ups -> Curious, Risky

Downs -> Chageable, Edgy


Gemini III woman sometimes has a hard time figuring out what she wants or who she really is. She's got plenty of charm and people skills and is very curious. All these characteristics are attractive to Taurus Gemini lady. Taurus Gemini Cusp woman doesn't mind helping her Gemini III girl figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. And Gemini III's gregariousness comes in handy. Sometimes Taurus Gemini Cusp girl is so caught up with her ideas and missions that she forgets the importance of being social. Gemini III's natural curiousity is extremely attractive to Taurus Gemini lady who's always looking for something new to see, do or conquer. These two ladies give each other what they need and balance each other out.


Leo Virgo Cusp


Ups -> Eccentric, Interesting

Downs -> Isolated, Weird


“Don't worry if people call you ordinary, only if you are ordinary” is your motto. You girls relish being different and living through what others might find to be an unexplainable lifestyle. People have a hard time pinpointing your relationship, your path, your ways of thinking... and you girls couldn’t be prouder of it. To say the least, these two women have a great mental and physical chemistry. In fact, forget the lab coat and dress yourselves in orange robes. You girls feel like you’ve been together before. Your lives come together as if you’re experiencing a relationship deja vu. But don’t get caught up in thoughts of the past and think that your bond can survive just because ‘it was meant to be’. You need to work hard and realistically for this connection to maintain itself afloat.

Capricorn Aquarius Cusp


Ups -> Productive, Fair

Downs -> Unrealistic, Egocentric


From whitewater rafting in Oregon to a regatta race in the Virgin Islands to a high canopy walk through Malaysia... that’s all in a month worth of activities on Taurus Gemini Cusp girl’s calendar. This woman spreads herself thinner than air. If life is full of action then Taurus Gemini is full of life. She’s a nonstop bundle of activities. And who else would love to be by her side during all these escapades? Capricorn Aquarius girl is the first one grabbing the paddles, the skipper outfit and the walkathon shoes. These ladies will live life on the road.Thank your stars there are cellphones these days, otherwise you’d never hear from them again. But beware, their mobile phones will have no signal when they’re in the midst of their Cotahuasi Canyon excursion.

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp


Ups -> Vigorous, Adaptable

Downs -> Forceful, Rash


If your honey is a Taurus Gemini Cusp you might just find her doing sand castles at the beach or having a snowball fight with your neighbor’s kids. Always young at heart, Taurus Gemini Cusp sweetie has the soul of a full grown child. She's a darling who's always busy with some project and most of the time has a blast while working on it. She does, however, tend to go overboard often and that’s when Sagittarius Capricorn lady’s discipline comes in handy. Sagicorn woman is enchanted by Taurus Gemini girl’s child like nature (this works out well because Sagicorns takes life too seriously sometimes) but Sagittarius Capricorn lady knows when to put the breaks on play, something that Taurus Gemini lady can get carried away at. Another plus of this relationship is Taurus Gemini girl’s sensual side (the Taurus in her) mixed in with the less steady, variety loving self (she gets this from her Gemini side). These qualities will complement or even counteract Sagicorn lady’s strong and at times authoritarian ways. All in all these girls will dictate each other’s hearts and love each other for the long run.

Aquarius II


Ups -> Expressive, Flexible

Downs -> Over Talkative, Compulsive


Mama told me they’d be days like this. This is what Aquarius II girl will catch herself saying from time to time when dealing with her Taurus Gemini Cusp girl who may be a little insensitive towards her Aquarius II girl’s needs and wants. Aquarius II girl tends to think that people can read her mind and know what she’s feeling and thinking. And maybe with others a pout or frown is enough to get her point across. But when it comes to dealing with her Taurus Gemini girl all her pouts and frowns will go unnoticed. Taurus Gemini girl is one to shut out any unpleasant facial expressions and becomes hard of hearing when being yelled at. Part of the problem here is that these women understand where the other one is coming from but while Taurus Gemini is holding her ground being stubborn, Aquarius II is doing it by being prideful. Eventually both women tend to resolve any problem that comes their way. Both women find it refreshing to have a passionate relationship with someone who’s unafraid to challenge them, it only adds more spice to their love making. This is one sizzling hot love affair!


Taurus I


Ups -> Spontaneous, Receptive

Downs -> Complex, Over Emotional


Taurus I is a practical, intense woman. She's one of the most stubborn of the Tauruses but she's also very diplomatic and can easily learn to get along with almost anyone. Taurus I lady looks tough on the outside and she is. But she is also tender, sensitive and vulnereable. If there's a girl that will understand the two sides of Taurus I, it's Taurus Gemini lady. Since she herself has some Taurus qualities she comprehends the rough, obstinate side of her Taurus I girl. Taurus Gemini Cusp woman is no soft cookie herself. She too can come on strong, but nothing strong enough that Taurus I can't handle. Taurus Gemini Cusp is known for trying to do too much at the same time. Taurus I woman will help her organize her time, life and relationships with others more efficiently and fairly. These two ladies will both bring a good amount of caring, stability and organization to make this a partnership that can last in the long term.


Aquarius III


Ups -> Expressive, Persistent

Downs -> Controlling, Rude


Taurus Gemini Cusp girl is the human version of a bumble bee, always busy, always something buzzing in her life. Aquarius III girl is a bit less of a socialite but she's pretty good at mingling with people herself. It won't be surprising to have their phone ringing off the hook or always getting their answering machine. (Note: They probably will also be too entertained to pick up the cellphone, so just leave a message and cross your fingers that they reply back sometime.) Taurus Gemini Cusp babe is a presence to be reckoned with. She has a powerful aura to her. Her Aquarius III honey is the more mellow one and will be the one more prone to try and keep the relationship on its track. Of course, eventually Taurus Gemini Cusp darling will notice that Aquarius III is a gem and she will learn to appreciate her and treat her with plenty of love. These two will lead a very active and social life together.


Taurus Gemini Cusp


Ups -> Strong, Enthusiastic

Downs -> Inconsiderate, Unrealistic


Taurus Gemini Cusp lady is full of energy and enthusiasm. Spring would be the season of the year that would best describe her. She's ready to bloom and share her beauty with the rest of the world. What better match for her than someone who just as eager and driven to take life on? Since you're both on the same level neither one of you stays home pouting. You have a great time together and when you're apart you're up to something interesting to come and tell your lady, who will in return have something just as interesting to share with you. Taurus Gemini Cusp women need strong ladies by their side who cherish power and challenges- they find that in each other and live ever in awe about their woman's zest for living and strong individuality.


Aries Taurus Cusp


Ups -> Assertive, Enthusiastic

Downs -> Quarrelsom, Inconsiderate


Taurus Gemini Cusp lady is an active, non stop woman. She's very sociable and caring. In fact, she has the tendency to run herself thin thanks to all the people and things she likes to work with. She's got a strong character and can shoot in any direction when in a heated moment. Aries Taurus Cusp woman is one of the ladies that can keep Taurus Gemini Cusp in check. Aries Taurus babe also has a strong personality and won't let Taurus Gemini woman get away with murder. Accountability will be part of this relationship. Neither one of these women will let the other one off the hook very easily. But since both these ladies are powerhouses they will both learn (the hard way) that sometimes you have to give in a little. This is a lesson that they don't tend to learn with other partners because they usually have the upper hand. In a nutshell, both these women have mighty bearing on others but once you lock them up together in a relationship they shape each other up and even learn to be a little lenient.

Adapted from The Secret Language of Relationships. Copyright 1997 by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Published by Penguin Studio.

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